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Application of Automatic Detection Solution for Handling, Production and Assembly Robots --- Automation Detection Solution of Shenzhen William Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

High performance production technology is a magic weapon to win in the fierce global competition. The shortening of technological innovation cycle and the increasing variety of product models put forward higher requirements for system solutions. Flexible automation solutions can significantly enhance the competitive edge and shorten the time to market.

Automated inspection solution assembly or processing technology must be able to keep up with the ever-shortening pace of product cycle and adapt to changing production conditions. The modular system is equipped with components that can be easily reconfigured to ensure the maximum flexibility of the system. The existing connection lines are designed to integrate additional modules with new functions, so as to improve the reusability of the system. The advanced system has the characteristics of large capacity, excellent quality and low unit cost. In addition to the inherent demand for smaller production batches and higher production speed, traceability and more comprehensive electronic process documentation and inspection are becoming increasingly important.

Various existing application cases show that automation technology can significantly improve the productivity and flexibility of automatic assembly and handling system. Automated inspection solution adopts control technology, which can control and monitor all process flow of each processing machine and the whole production line: feeding, sealing (welding, bonding, etc.), assembly, inspection, handling and stacking, etc. can adopt hardware platform, and will be combined with software platform. Integrated control platform for all robot types

Automated Detection Solution Arch Robot, Joint Robot or Parallel Robot - Any processing step can be achieved with only one automated platform. High dynamic processing equipment with high repeatability requires a system that ensures that all sub-processes (including physical signal sampling, processing in motion controllers and response to physical output) have the lowest latency. Can provide you with the required products and technologies: high-performance industrial PC and embedded PC (equipped with motherboard for industrial applications), control panel and display elements, high-speed compact I/O components (protection level), ultra-high-speed automatic vehicle inspection platform open communication system, multi-functional servo drive technology, economy Efficient stepper motor technology and motion control software.

Automated inspection solutions adopt technology to ensure functional safety in specific applications. The security I/O components and the security functions integrated in the driver are connected to the security logic terminal module through the security communication protocol, thus ensuring the safe operation of the system. The continuous development of PC-based control technology integrates PLC and motion control functions to control the process steps of processing machinery with high performance. Soft PLC programming is in line with international IEC 61131-3 standard. A wide variety of software modules can be provided for different tasks, such as cam, multi-axis synchronization and interpolation.

Automated detection solutions are highly flexible in the combination of main/slave axes and high-performance, diversified motion control functions, so they can implement solutions for different application areas. Powerful software tools, such as cam design tool support system design and debugging. The motion control function block in the library is based on the motion control standard, which simplifies the programming and allows the use of standardized components.